• Morning Tea - Emilka (2Bar Lounge House Remix)

    Morning Tea - Emilka (2Bar Remix) - Jazzy Lounge House.

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  • Halo 4 DnB Remix - 2Bar DnB

    Halo 4 DnB Remix - 2Bar DnB Productions

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  • Top Shottas - 2bar Dub (Dustep Remix)

    Haunting dubstepper with lots of suspense... 2Bar Dubs - Top Shottas

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  • The Conqueror - Derek Morgan (2Bar DnB Remix)

    Jungle drum and bass remix of Derek Morgan's classic, the Conqueror.

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  • Lonely Walk Home - Just George

    Lonely Walk Home - Boom Bap inspired hip hop beats by Just George.

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Music - 2Bar Productions

Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Bass, UK Garage, House and HipHop. Bangkok-Based, UK Producer/DJ and Turntablist.

  • Drum and Bass


    DnB, Jungle and Jump Up tracks by 2Bar DnB.

  • Bass Music


    UK Bass music and Nu Disco by 2Bar Bass.

  • Dubstep


    Dubstep and 140BPM tracks by 2Bar Dubs.

Over the recent decade what has always been known as underground music has finally made it to the mainstream. But with all the attention Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Bass Music and Hip Hop is getting nowadays, it’s not surprising to see people selling out. On the other hand, it’s equally unsurprising to find producers who do nothing but put out quality tunes. And that’s what motivates us – love for producing and sharing quality music.


Music – 2Bar Productions

Inspired by everything from movies to comedy, art to photography, and life in general, 2Bar tracks and accompanying graphics are all born from a simple idea that once kindled furiously in the brain. It’s the growth of these concepts that make 2Bar Productions more than just music – they are the soundtracks to our own lives.

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