About 2Bar Productions

About 2Bar Productions – Bangkok-based DJ / Music Producer / Sound Engineer/ Graphic Designer


When it comes to musi there aren’t many genres that DJ-I.K. hasn’t dabbled in. From Drum and Bass and Dubstep, to House and live music, I.K.’s knowledge and preferences span much more than your average DJ/Producer.

Born in Scarboro’, raised in the deep dark depths of a small town on the outskirts of Leicester, there wasn’t much for youths to do back in the day… and with a underbelly of crime and general attitude rife in the town, music was a natural outlet for those who actually appreciate life.


About DJ-IK

Given a break on the underground illegal rave scene by the London-Midlands based Randon Sounds crew, the moniker of DJ-I.K was born and the Dj sets started rolling … Originally a Drum and Bass DJ always tooled with a battle (scratching and juggling) set as part of his arsenal. I.K began rocking crowds with a mix of genres covering a range of dancefloor killers.

Graduated from a Music and Sound Recording diploma as a reasonably accomplished Jazz guitarist, it wasn’t long before I.K. relised his passion for electronic music would have to steer him away from instruments and focus more on the production side. It also wasn’t long before he realised the Bangkok, Thailand was simply a much better place to live than the Midlands, UK – and after a relocation quickly became in effect.

10 in years of practicing his passion for music in down town sin city, a little more mature and open minded, I.K., now has a repituior of music covering several genres (DnB, Dubstep, Bass, Lounge House, Crack House and Hip Hop) and is poised to unleash more track on the public in the very near future.

Holding several, respected spots DJ-ing at numerous clubs and events in Bangkok, it won’t be long be the productions are fined tuned, pressed, and made available for heads to adds to their music collection.